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Dishank Nikkam

Varun Fernandes

Like most teenagers his age, you would normally expect nothing but MTV top 40’s coming out of his music collection.

Varun has a whole different story to tell with his music. At the early age of 15 after being constantly bombarded with techno and progressive music, it was meant to be a given that he would settle for nothing less to set his grips on as his signature sound.

Being heavily influenced by Dubfire, Prok and Fitch, Carl Cox, Cid Inc, Arjun Vagle, Joris Voorn and Mark Knight, he has acquired a taste for nothing but the best that progressive techno has to offer.
He selectively makes his own edits to perfection. As sophistication is always a priority, he strives to outdo and outperform himself every time by constantly seeking out inspiration, which helps him deliver a fresh sound to his audience at every different gig.

Currently completing his training in music production at ILM academy Bangalore and currently working on his very own originals for 2013, he splits his time between Bangalore and Goa often being able to experience the EDM community in both states, and as such broadening his skill set, and perception to how music is perceived in a different place altogether.