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Aryaman Chaudhary


In the pulsating heart of India’s dance music scene, Tuhin Mehta stands as a towering icon, his legacy etched over three dynamic decades, driven by relentless innovation. A certified Audio Engineer hailing from SAE in Chennai and an International Ambassador for The Berklee College of Music, Tuhin’s mastery of sound production knows no equal. A pivotal moment in 2007 saw him take the reins as Pioneer DJ Product Specialist for India, a role he continues to dominate, steering the brand’s exponential growth in the country.

Tuhin’s musical journey spans a vibrant spectrum – from commanding the grandest festivals and clubs to sculpting chart-topping anthems featured on award-winning albums. Notably, he orchestrated Go:Madras, one of India’s premier music festivals, affirming his indomitable presence in the nation’s dance music tapestry. His influence also ripples through major Indian
festivals, including Sunburn, Supersonic, EVC, Satellite, and Krank to name a few. Beyond India’s borders, Tuhin’s influence knows no bounds. The international techno stage bears witness to his relentless reign, gracing the prestigious Awakenings Festival in Amsterdam.

His reach extends far beyond the DJ booth. Tuhin has been a significant voice at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), as both an artist and a distinguished panel member, shaping the global electronic music landscape. A dedicated music educator since 2003, Tuhin shares his profound knowledge and fervour with aspiring talents. In addition, Tuhin Mehta now extends his mastery to offer professional Mastering services.

Tuhin Mehta reigns supreme in the techno realm, his music transcend boundaries, creating hypnotic and high-energy aural odysseys. On the decks, he’s a virtuoso, an undisputed DJ’s DJ, celebrated for his profound influence and artistic finesse. Tuhin’s evolution is rooted in his early immersion in Tribal-Tech and Psychedelic music, laying the foundation for his present-day vision and unwavering techno sensibilities. He is an enduring fixture in India’s dynamic music landscape, a powerhouse of sound that continues to resonate and evolve year after year.