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Rohit Barker

An RJ to VJ to a professional event DJ and producer, Rohit Barker has tried everything one can think of in the field of entertainment. He started as a radio jockey, moved on to become a video jockey, then returned to work as a professional RJ and finally after moving around in the radio for a while, decided to move up to the disc.

Life as a DJ
After spending over a decade with RJ Ivan, Rohit Barker gave into his wish of entering the music world and picked up his event equipment to produce his own music. Rohit Barker is one of the lead hosts in Sunburn India, VH1 Supersonic Festival & Submerge. He completed 10 years with Indigo Hotmix live music bar. He keeps his fans entertained with his beats. He can host an event and change the atmosphere completely with his crazy beats.