Tête-à-tête with the mighty ‘Spektre’

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AAA was an event held across 3 cities, 10 clubs, and boasted of 15 DJs. The first event of its kind, AAA allowed multiple access to different venues and events with just ONE powerful wristband. It was our contribution to the revolution of clubbing in India!

SPEKTRE weaves an intrepid, complex web amongst underground dance music’s elite. The techno brainchild of DJs/producers Filthy Rich and Paul Maddox, the dark duo was formed through a shared passion for driving electronic music and a mutual desire to push sound boundaries using the most cutting edge technology available. The fusion of their combined experience in the studio allows them to construct dark, sinister sounds mixed with twisted, haunting vocals and unnerving, atmospheric foundations.

We managed to catch up with the brilliant Paul Maddox, one half of the dynamic duo, ahead of their India tour to ask him a couple of questions exclusively for Submerge!

1. So as a producer duo, I’m sure in the studio you sometimes encounter a difference of opinion. How do you deal with those clashes during the production process?

We’re generally on the same page most of the time, but occasionally we do disagree. Usually, if we try both options out, we’ll end up settling on the same one, but in the rare instance that we really can’t agree we’ll typically take a break and come back to it afresh after a cup of tea.

2. Tell us about your label Respekt and some of the artists whose music you’ll be releasing on it? What are your criteria when you’re selecting artists to endorse?

The only real criteria is that we’re into the music. Sometimes that will be because a track stands out as being really different, and other times it will simply be a solid club track that we know will work well in our set. We’ve recently signed some great stuff from a UK producer called Chicago Loop which we’re really excited about, as well as a new EP from ourselves and a few other goodies.

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