Zokhuma played at the SuperdrySounds stage at Field Day Festival

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After a grueling few days, where the twelve most exciting electronic artists of the country were handpicked by SuperdrySounds, three artists went on to tour the country, based on the results of online polling and inputs from industry experts. The twelve curated artists by SuperdrySounds included Bangalore based Audio Units, SickFlip best known for “The Ladakh Project”, NDS, Mumbai based Spryk, and Nosh & SJ, Delhi based Seven …

SuperdrySounds announces top 3 artists who will go on India Tour

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Last week, SuperdrySounds, in partnership with Submerge, and in association with Vh1 announced a curated list of twelve Indian electronic musicians. One of these twelve will go on to play at the Field Day Festival in London, alongside the likes of DJ Seinfeld, Moscoman, Mafalda, and Fever Ray. The list included some of the most exciting sounds in the electronic …


SuperdrySounds to take one emerging electronic act to Field Day

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After making playlists on Spotify and Soundcloud for three years, SuperdrySounds released their debut album ‘Audio 1’ last year, which included a variety of sounds ranging from Hip hop anthems to Disco House, and even including some 90s Dance Classics. For those who are uninitiated, SuperdrySounds is a worldwide program which recognizes emerging artists and gives them an opportunity to …