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Reach out and touch faith

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If you’ve been a part of India’s burgeoning electronic music scene over the past 10 years, then you probably know that Nawed Khan has been a pivotal name in growth of the genre’s popularity in this country.
Based out of Mumbai, Nawed is not only an extraordinary DJ and talented producer but also an encyclopaedia in Dance music. So it’s no surprise that his brand new clothing line is inspired by iconic words and phrases from Dance music’s anthology.

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Nikhil MMWhat inspired you to take up this new venture? How did it come about?

This happened on my trip to Tomorrowland with Nikhil Chinapa in 2013. “Reach out and touch faith…” This line was flashing on a giant LED wall behind Eric Prydz, these five words from Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” stayed with me well after my return to reality and back home in India. Very rarely have I felt the need to wear an emotion on a T-shirt before this, and this is where the idea of Music Matters seeded from. Music and lyrics deeply interlinked with that feeling – that indescribable feel – that floods through you when listening to an incredible, classic song; one that transcends decades.

You’ve given it a very relevant name for obvious reasons. What was the idea behind it?

“You told me to look much further, You told me to walk much more, You told me that music matters.”

The words, “Music Matters” are from the eponymous Faithless single and I’ve lost count on the number of times I’ve played the Axwell remix of this track. The composition and the lyrics have really inspired me over the years and I am so happy that something that I’ve started has these beautiful words at the helm of it. I’m really thankful to my friend Omna Winston for giving life to my thoughts with her beautiful designs.

You recently launched the brand in #Mumbai at this venue called ‘A Bar Called Life’ where you played there yourself. What was that experience like?

There was a lot of nervous energy leading up to to the gig but once I stepped in and saw the entire collection of Music Matters for the first time in it’s retail form the nervous energy was replaced by a childlike excitement which doubled when I started playing to a packed house under my Browncoat moniker, all in all it was a fantastic Friday night.

Any obstacles you faced to make the ‘Music Matters’ dream a reality?

I was looking for a quality manufacturing partner for a while and I found them in Radical Paradox, their product was beyond good and they were the ideal companion to my idea. The only obstacle, a happy one at that was to limit the collection to just ten designs when there were so many beautiful options to choose from.

What do you think sets your t-shirts apart from other competitor brands?

The designs at Music Matters reflect our genuine love for the music, even if you’re not a avid connoisseur of Electronic music you will relate to the simplicity of the thought and the emotions attached to each design. The impetus on the design team was to avoid cliche, so as much as my cats love the song “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat” it had to be left out.

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Do you come up with the t-shirt quotes yourself?

Though the selection was mine, the quotes are derived from the lyrics of some of the biggest Dance music songs of all time, we are thankful to Depeche Mode, Faithless, Eric Prydz, Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, Stardust and The Chemical Bros to name a few for their music and the inspiration that gave life to Music Matters.

Any lessons learned along the way for starting a new brand? I’m sure some fellow readers would love some insights

It’s the same principle I use when I DJ, just like I would never play any music that I wouldn’t dance to, I didn’t want to create something I wouldn’t wear. Stay true to your passion and with enough hard work, it will pay off.

In three words – Describe ‘Music Matters’

Wear a feeling.


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