EP Artwork

Release date: 10-07-2018

Catalog no: ZMR047

Deep Control

Nosh & SJ

Nosh and SJ, a collaborative act from India have been in the forefront of producing some gems in the recent past. Their latest single encapsulates sublime and melody driven sounds which gets a marvellous rework by Michael A

The original track Deep Control reflects the title. Cascading through sublime melody blended with easy going rhythm takes a curious shape as the synth loops takes it shape. The breakdown brings together the character of the track and as it progresses making it a spectacular rendition.

The remix by Sudbeat star Michael A absolutely nails the vibe. A bender of a take on original, the remix shows similarity with the original and soon takes a detour to a much bouncier journey as it progresses. The breakdown of the remix holds onto the texture of the original and yet gives it an added edge through intense melody. The remix builds on and turns out to be a peak time banger.