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India’s most coveted duo Lost Stories have returned from an epic European tour uncovering many hidden realms through their magical performances. The young lads have shared the stage with some of the giants in the industry like Dash Berlin, Martin Garrix, Gareth Emery, Steve Aoki, Nicky Romero and many more.

We caught up with the duo for a quick chat.

1) Welcome back to India! Tell us about the big European tour that you just got back from. 

It was perfect! Played so many epic shows, made so many new friends, sprayed a lot of champagne and then there was Tomorrowland! Couldn’t have asked for a better international debut for Lost Stories.

Picture Courtesy: RVR 16 Night

2) While your trip around Europe, did you’ll get to explore any interesting nightclubs? Tell us more about that. 

Yes! Had a chance to visit and even play at some of the best clubs out there. Superclubs like Knox, Versuz, Opium and some legendary clubs like Cafe D’Anvers, Kitsch Club and many more. Crazy times!

Picture Courtesy: RVR 16 Night

3) What is the one thing from your Euro trip that you guys miss after coming back to India? 

The missing feeling hasn’t sunk in yet. Let’s give it a week.

4) Any interesting encounter in Europe that you would like to share with your fans. 

So many! But one of the strangest things that happened to us was this one. We got into a taxi to go to Marquee for the first show of the tour. The cab driver saw all those cameras and stuff shooting us and asked us who we were. We said we are Lost Stories from India and he goes like “I know you guys!!” And out of no where he plays a track of ours from his phone!! We were absolutely shocked! It was really strange that a taxi driver, thousands of miles away has a Lost Stories track on him and he’s the guy dropping us to our first show in Europe!

Picture Courtesy: RVR 16 Night

Picture Courtesy: RVR 16 Night

Picture Courtesy: RVR 16 Night

5) Everyone in India is talking about your gig at Tomorrowland. Take us through the entire experience of it. 

To begin with, it’s a HUGE festival! We started our day by getting breakfast which our stage owners Blue Flame organized at a cozy restaurant with all our friends and other DJs who were playing on that stage.

After that, we were handed over our AAAs and we were off to the festival! We were expecting total chaos during the time of entering the festival but surprisingly we didn’t even notice it that we had arrived at the artist village. It was so smooth!

We grabbed our essentials and headed straight to our stage. It was already buzzing when we arrived.

And then it was time. The moment we worked towards for 6 years! We could feel the adrenaline rising as soon as we started with our intro. The rest of the set was something straight out of a fairytale. Our dream was coming true with every second passing by. Towards the end of our set, we dropped our finale track Mahi and raised the Indian flag high and that was it.

6) Big names in the music industry are supporting the music of budding Indian artists. Is this the breakthrough of the Indian Dance Music industry? 

Yes! I think with so many young Indian producers getting supported by top acts at the moment, labels and the big guns are really looking out for some Indian talent. It will just get bigger from here.

7) What according to you is the future of the dance music industry in India? 

Future is uncertain in Dance Music as trends change every 6 months but we definitely see a lot of Indian names on top labels and playgrounds.

8) Your fans want more music from you guys. What do you have in store for them?

We almost have a new album ready but we are going to release them as singles over the coming weeks. Our collaboration with a lot of Indian talent will also see the light of the day and our international collaborations are in pipeline too! Lots of new music coming!

9) On a final note, which new artist or album would you recommend that our readers should listen to.

Loving the new Zedd album! Highly recommended!

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