“FAQs for Above & Beyond DJ contest”

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We can tell just how excited you all are for our Above & Beyond DJ contest, as are we! We are really feeling the enthusiasm and it means a lot to us to be able to provide all you aspiring DJs and producers to showcase your talent on one of the best platforms anyone could ever dream of!

In order to help you out a little, we’ve compiled a list of FAQsfor you, just so you know exactly how this works!

1. Is the contest limited to participants within the 4 cities?
We want to include everyone that we possibly can! So anyone is more than welcome to participate, as long as you are able and willing to take care of your own transport/accommodation.

2. And what if I’m international?
The contest is open to you as well, but the same goes as for participants from different cities – as long as you can arrange your own transport and accommodation, you’re more than welcome to submit a mix.

3. Does my set have to be limited to Above& Beyond tracks?
Definitely not! Welove and appreciate variety – the more new music, the better. Plus, we haveAbove & Beyond to play as many of their tracks later on?

4. Do the tracks in the mix have to be genre-specific?
We’re not going to place any limitations on what you choose to play, but we do ask you to be mindful of the artists on the lineup and the crowd. If you think there’s a banging hip-hop beat/track that fits perfectly in your mix, go for it! However,if your mix is comprised entirely of Rock or Bollywood it may not have the best chance of being selected. That being said, have fun with it!

5. Can I upload original compositions in the mix, or does it have to be only remixes?
Yes, of course you can! And it is highly encouraged. But remixes of other originals are also welcome!

6. Is there an age requirement forparticipants?
Does real talent come with an age limitation? We think not!

7. When is the submission date?
Last date for submission is Nov 15

8. When during the show will I beperforming?
You will be offered the very first slot of the show.

9. Will my name be a part of the promotions?
We will do our best to highlight your presence at the show in our capacity through our social media platforms, but not all artwork for the event will carry your name. However, we will release one final flyer with the complete line up with YOUR name amongst the others!

10. Is there any compensation offered towinners?
At this point, we think a chance to be playing at an event such as thisone is compensation enough, but the kind peeps at Submerge can offer you a giant, bear hug if you’d like one ?

11. Can we have more than 1 submission?
Each individual, group is requested tosend only one submission.

12. Can there be more than 1 DJ/artist for asingle submission?
If you’re a duo, or a trio (or even a quartet?!) and the set you’re submitting was produced/mixed by all of you, then yes, please feel free to submit all your names together. But remember, it still only counts as one submission!

13. How long should my set be and how do I submit my mix once it is complete?
Try and be as close to the 45-min criteria as you can!
Once you’re done, make sure to upload the mix to either your SoundCloud or Mixcloud account (please do not forget to include a complete tracklist as well!), and then go ahead and submit the link on the MyFav Contest Facebook App starting Nov 1.

14. How do I upload my mix?
Upload it to your Soundcloud or mixcloud account (you will have to create one if you do not have one. After that, go ahead an dsubmit the link to MyFav’s Contest Facebook App (this will only be live after Nov 1)

Happy mixing, everyone!

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