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Flyp at MTV
Flyp at MTV, Kamala Mills Kamala Mills Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013

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May 17 2018 - May 18 2018


8:00 pm

SuperdrySounds: Mumbai Edition

SuperdrySounds: A platform for emerging artists.

SuperdrySounds is all about discovery. From the rising artist who is about to be on everyone’s party playlist to the aspiring musician who is looking for a platform. Our collective of breakthrough artists has started from the bottom and made it a long way in the local music scene.

SuperdrySounds is going on a tri-city tour across India with emerging talents Zokhuma, NDS, and 8-Bit Culprit and giving them to chance to perform with the best in the industry including Nikhil Chinapa in Mumbai, Sandunes in New Delhi, and Kohra in Bengaluru. Prepare for one hell of a night!

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Wear Superdry outfits for good measure and first 50 people get FREE Shots

*Club rules apply.*
– Couple entry only
– Must be of legal drinking age
– Carry official ID


ZOKHUMA: At the bleeding edge of his own future, Zokhuma (Arman Menzies) represents the end of old things, the beginning of new ones, and a forged alliance with those making alternative electronic music in previously uncharted territories. Unafraid to criss-cross between soundscapes you’ve never heard—think frantic, chopped-up African beats or moodier, experimental electronica—and soundscapes that are all too familiar, his sensibilities have a way of putting any audience at ease. As does his infectious energy behind the console. The producer has a mask for every occasion too. Well known in cult progressive metal circles in India for his earlier work song-writing and playing guitar for Goddess Gagged before moving on to study music production in the London, UK, he’s already performed in places like Croatia, Netherlands, and Sri Lanka under his new moniker while cherry-picking his way through local gigs as well.

NDS: NDS has played along Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Avicii, Axwell^Ingrosso, Yves, Quintino and many other international artists. He has already released his tracks on such labels as Alter Ego,
Colourful, Enhanced and Lange. Performed nationally at Sunburn Goa and internationally at Marenostrom Festival Spain, NDS is surely here to change the game of Indian music artists. He adds, “I don’t want to be the flag bearer for any genre. I don’t want to change the game,” he says. “I really just want to have my own signature, my own sound. I know it sounds crazy, but I
want to start my legacy.”

8-BIT-CULPRIT: The artist follows a simple ‘less is more’ take on music. Producing music for over seven years, Faraz has evolved to attain a definite direction and has gained the right amount of maturity to create some serious dance floor music. His habit of spending long hours in the studio has exposed him to diverse styles of music through which he gets his current inspiration. With releases =on Qilla Records, Soupherb Records and the latest on Laark Recordings, 8-Bit Culprit has already been receiving support from many mainstays in the underground dance music scene. During his sets at club shows and festivals, he strives to deliver his signature deep, dark and melancholic atmosphere of intelligent underground music to take people on an unforgettable journey.


To say that Nikhil Chinapa has donned many an avatar during his career is like saying it snows in Alaska; a bit of an understatement. He morphs from DJ to VJ to MC to Music Promoter to Festival Director —some of his best-known avatars — with amazing fluidity.
He studied Architecture and graduated with a Thesis in Hospital Design. A year later and for reasons that scientists are still trying to understand, Nikhil joined MTV. He said, “I think it’ll be fun.” For once, he was right. As a popular VJ, Nikhil got to spend a lot of time around his first love, music. In 2001, a conversation between friends resulted in the launch of Submerge — India’s first, and now largest Indian Electronic Dance Music (EDM) company in India.
By now, Nikhil had begun to DJ professionally and plays, well… whatever he feels like. His sets are moody, varied, often erratic but usually fun. Most of his sets feature frantic foot-stomping and the random flailing of arms – sometimes by him. They also feature music – the kind that has a repetitive monotonous beat and is best enjoyed at dangerous decibel levels.