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Dec 26 2017 - Dec 30 2017

Satellite Goa – Dec 2017

The rocket is fired up, our satellite is sitting pretty on it and ready to be thrown into orbit once again. Our intention of course is to strap you on it and fling you into the unknown … if that’s alright with you?

When you pass this fascinating place called Goa, make sure you zoom into Waters on Vagator beach and check out some odd creatures that gather there for some unfathomable reason, around the end of each year. We haven’t been able to make sense of it so far. It appears all they want to do is make some god-awful noise and gyrate to it in completely uncoordinated fashion. For days that too!

If you’d like we can arrange for you to be dropped smack bang in the middle of this rather bizarre gathering. Let us know when we should pick you up.

Though we have to warn you. They claim, that once the people they have making the noise, (they call them djs … go figure!) get a hold of you, you will be crawling out of there on all fours every morning.

Very thoughtfully, they’ve set up some makeshift tables outside so you can crawl up to them and be fed a bunch of noodles or something they lovingly call, omelette-pav, while staring at your friend’s face like a zombie. At least they make sure you’re refuelled for another night of utterly senseless revelry.

When you’ve had enough of this madness, just let us know and we’ll teleport you back up to the Satellite from their beachside.

If you’re ready to hitch a ride then … it is now T-minus …. 😉