Rohit Barker

Rohit Barker started off making radio a hobby about 13 years ago, simply because back then the money out there for the ‘profession’ was just about enough to cover gas costs to and from the studios.

From All India Radio, he went to Channel V for a while as a VJ. From there, he had his first professional foray into radio when he moved to Radio Indigo and then moved on to Radio City for a couple of years. From Radio City, he left for Dubai FM.

On his return from his desert sojourn to Bangalore, Rohit started to syndicate his own programming and airing it in Bangalore. After a stint at Radio City for a while, Rohit is with Radio Indigo currently.

Rohit Barker has also been DJ’ing for many years now, after standing behind a DJ console with Bangalore’s well known DJ and RJ Ivan for over a decade and hosting a radio show with him for about the same amount of time, he pretty much knew what went where and how.

His heart will always remain in Radio and DJ’ing, he has worked his way through the alphabet, from an MC to an RJ to a VJ and a DJ, simply because he is in constant awe of great music and what it can do to you, not to mention what he can do to you over a mike and from behind a DJ console.

Rohit Barker