5 Reasons I’ve Already Bought my Ticket for Nic Fanciulli

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(Kunal Bambawale gives us 5 reasons why he’s already bought his ticket for tonight’s Ultra Resistance gig with Nic Fanciuilli!)

1 – To me, there is nothing more beautiful in this world than house music.

The Nic Fanciulli sound, as far as I’m concerned, is about as good as it gets. Straight up, feel good house music, with that distinctly British vibe. The UK guys — Nic Fanciulli, his brother Mark, Simon Dunmore, the Shapeshifters — bring a polished, classic approach to their track selection.

Nic Fanciulli is an underground hero and one of the last remaining contemporary greats to knock off my “must-see” list. I’m looking forward to hearing some new records, and maybe some tunes that are as old as I am.

2 – I’m no longer a weekend warrior, but I’m embracing my inner Wednesday warrior.

I used to love clubbing on the weekends, but that’s no longer the case. Going out on a weekend means bigger crowds, congested dance floors, and longer queues, so I prefer to spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday unwinding. I’m sick of trying to get my groove on while dodging elbows from the two wasted guys fist-pumping in front of me (this invariably happens when I go out on Saturday night).

Personally, I love going to Blue Frog on weeknights. It just seems that the people who turn up are extremely educated and passionate about the music, and that makes all the difference. A great party isn’t just about the beats: it’s about the atmosphere and it’s definitely about the audience.

There’s something wonderful about looking around the club and seeing wide smiles on those familiar faces. The Submerge forum members and the rest of the crew have become almost an extended family and I’m looking forward to seeing them all at the show — I believe Noella is flying in from Bangalore just for this.

While I’m as excited about the growth of the EDM scene, I sometimes I feel that the huge shows lack that sense of community and spirit of togetherness that you find on a weeknight, surrounded by all the proper house heads.

3 – Dance music is global

This Ultra Resistance tour is a fantastic idea — though perhaps, by the end of it, Nic’s body and sleep cycle might disagree!

10 days, eight cities. It’s just another reminder that dance music is a universal thing that transcends geography and nationality.

I see this is an opportunity for the small but passionate underground music community here in Bombay to show Nic what we’re all about.

Every single international musician or DJ that I’ve worked with in India has been blown away by the response, by the amount of energy and love that Indian music fans send towards the stage. We really stand out, and I see this gig as another chance to prove how special our scene is and how much dance music means to us.

It’s not like we have anything to prove, nor is this a competition in any way, but I think if we give Nic some love, he’ll come back again soon, and he might bring some of his friends (are you reading this, Joris Voorn?)

4. Authenticity is everything

With a DJ of this calibre, I know I’ll be getting a set that’s specifically crafted and tailored for this audience — a set that’s just a little different from any that Nic Fanciulli’s played in the past or will ever play in the future.

I expect a patient, intimate journey, with the rhythms growing steadily in power as the night progresses.

At the same time, you know you’re going to get some of the freshest, most exciting unreleased music in the world — the same stuff they’re dancing to at Space or Fabric or Dance Valley or anywhere where they like dancing, really.

5 – Blue Frog with Nic Fanciulli on a Wednesday night is about as close to Ibiza as Mumbai gets.

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