25 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait for Group Therapy India

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1. Because the last time Above & Beyond visited India, we created Group Therapy Radio together. That day and those memories are still with us, and always will be. Jayamahal Palace, November 10, 2012. Goosebumps.

2. Because we’ve listened to #ABGT every week, dreaming of Bangalore. Because Group Therapy is a weekly ritual, one that has inspired us when we’ve been tired and lifted us when we’ve been sad. #ABGT has filled our lives with joy — now it’s time to share that joy with the guys who make it possible, and the fans who feel our passion.

3. Because listening to Above & Beyond at home, on the radio, or on your iPod is one thing. Celebrating Group Therapy, live, with thousands of other Anjuna devotees? It’s something else entirely.



4. Because you might be the one to push the button this time around.

5. Because both Above & Beyond’s Essential Mixes were transmissions from heaven.

6. Because last time the guys were here, we heard “Walter White” for the very first time. (Remember Jono’s Heisenberg shirt in Bangalore)?


7. Because we’ve has been exposed to a lot of dance music over the past year. Sometimes, the music has been good. Sometimes, it’s been bad. But rarely has it been magical. When Above & Beyond come to town, “magical” is the only word that comes to mind.

8. Because India has been through some tough times since A&B were last here. There’s been horror, and sadness, and some shame. We all need a night that reminds us that everything will be okay, as long as we have great music and each other.

9. Because those of you who missed out on #ABGT 001 in Bangalore finally have a chance to redeem yourselves.

10. Because those of you who were there in Bangalore have a moral obligation to bring your friends to Group Therapy India (otherwise you’re just not a very good friend).



11. Because nothing brings people together like Group Therapy.

12. Because closing your eyes, putting your hands in the air, and singing your heart out feels really, really good.

13. Because there’s a thing called love, that we all, forget.

14. Because you’ve launched an Indian Twitter assault @aboveandbeyond’s handle, and you’ve earned this tour.



15. Because we’ll be riding the trance wave with Paavo again.

16. Because you’ll finally get to tell Tony what a massive crush you have on him.

17. Because India has the best fans in the world, and we’re going to prove it once again.

18. Because you’re still wearing your bracelet from #ABGT 001.



19. Because we finally get to show Jono, Paavo, and Tony how much our scene has grown, how dance music is now a national movement.

20. Because we’re still haunted by that gorgeous acoustic mix of “On a Good Day” that closed proceedings in Bangalore.

21. Because there’s so much more to this music that flashing lights and thudding beats. Because Group Therapy is about emotion, and warmth, and intimacy.

22. Because Above & Beyond bring out the romantic in all of us.

23. Because Group Therapy India will be held in three cities this time around, and three cities means three separate chances to catch the guys do their thing.

24. Because we’ve been waiting a year for this.

25. Because Above & Beyond have made believers of us all. Because their music has soundtracked our lives, on both the bad days and the good ones. We’re all little dreamers, because we know that Group Therapy has the power to heal, unite, and electrify.

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